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About Lizzie von Zipper

LVZ Cotswolds.jpg

Welcome to Lizzie von Zipper, I'm Elizabeth and the designer and creator at Lizzie von Zipper. I have a background in Interior Design, photography and bespoke jewellery design, studying and working in London, Italy, Australia and Hong Kong. Lizzie von Zipper specialises in unique, one of a kind jewellery pieces and wearable art all handcrafted by me. Additionally, I create original photographic artworks, ready to frame photographs and beautiful art cards. I love wearing a piece of jewellery that is unique to me and no one else has and it was this premise that led me to creating my own work and developing the vintage jewellery arm to my small creative business. I love all things vintage and diverse materials and so I source and use these items in my creations. My wearable art and jewellery objects are made using vintage and antique buttons, sourced from all over the world, vintage fabrics and glass, photographs, ceramics and precious stones mixed with some modern elements. I have fun making my jewellery and I hope you'll enjoy wearing it. Our photographic works are all produced by me and taking the photographs allows me to pursue one of my deep and ardent passions.

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